The world’s first, greatest (and only) traveling pub quiz night. One neighborhood. Three pubs. Five rounds of trivia. One helluva good time.

Following the lead of your trusty Trivia Crawl MC, you will pub crawl by foot amongst the streets of one of Seattle’s finer neighborhoods.  At three points along the journey, you will take shelter at a local watering hole and compete in a series of trivia battles.  Two men enter, one man leave.

Just kidding.  Everyone leaves.  That was just a movie quote, which incidentally, if you know the origin of, you’re probably Trivia Pub Crawl material.

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  • $15 per person (does not include food or drinks). Cash or plastic accepted.
  • Crawl sizes are limited.  Reservations, which include full payment, are recommended and can be secured here.
  • 3.5ish hours
  • 21 or older only please
  • Happy Hour specials available at most stops!

Give the gift of fun! Gift certificates available here.


Seattle Trivia Crawls is currently taking a little break. Follow our Facebook or Twitter feed or send an email to info@triviacrawls.com to get on the email list for information on future crawls.

Tours are limited. Reservations, including full payment, are recommended. Tickets can be purchased here.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal all accepted.
I’m not a big drinker. Is it mostly drunk people?
The Crawl is for all takers… imbibers or not. The drinking and eating establishments we visit are kind enough to let us use their space so we do suggest ordering something… soda, cold refreshing ice tea, maybe an appetizer or perhaps even a full meal of food if that would be agreeable.

Trivia isn’t my thing. Will I be bored and embarrassed by my lack of knowledge?
Heck no! Some people really like the trivia but just as many Crawlers are interested in socializing and checking out a neighborhood and its bar and restaurants. And beyond that, the trivia format has something for everyone so you may surprise yourself with your smarts.

There are only two of us. Are we going to be at a disadvantage for the trivia?
We generally limit team sizes to four people. That way groups of two, or even individuals, can still have a fighting chance.

What’s the trivia?
It’s all general knowledge trivia (i.e. not specific to Seattle). The five rounds are titled as such: The Plot Thickens, Yesterday’s News, Picture Round, Jeopardy and Family Feud.

Five Reasons You Should Join a Trivia Crawl

1. Great way to see Seattle! Check out a neighborhood (and its eating and drinking establishments) that you might not go to otherwise.

2. Meet people! You’ll be hanging out with a group of up to 15 other people and the “spirits” (and beer) have a way of loosening things up. No Seattle freeze here.

3. Get your compete on! Teams of four people or less compete against each other for title of Trivia Crawl champion (prizes included).

4. Date night! Movie night isn’t very creative.

5. You’re smarter than everyone else and you want everyone else to know it.

Private Crawls
Private crawls are available. Pick a date (weekdays and Sundays work) and a neighborhood and tell us how many people and we’ll take care of the rest. Send an email to info@triviacrawls.com to get the ball rolling.

Here’s a few private crawl scenarios:

• Corporate team-building or corporate hospitality functions don’t have to be painful. We’ve all been there. Email calendar invite “Team Happy Hour” followed by “how do I get out of this?” thoughts. Minimize the forced, awkward conversations. The “trivia” in a Trivia Crawl provides a built-in conversation starter. And because we move around every hour or so, it helps mix things up and keep interactions fresh. Great for hosting client functions as well.

• Birthday party. Dinner reservations for 10 people is a pain. Trying to split up the check at a bar for a bunch of people always leaves someone with a bad night. Let us handle all of that. And your friends will be impressed with your creativity.

• Entertaining out of town guests. A trivia crawl is a great way to show off the real Seattle. You’ll get to check out a neighborhood and three different eating/drinking establishments all while having a great time testing your knowledge. Bring along your out of town guests and a few other friends and make it a private crawl.

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